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The Magic Marine Tow device puts all the weight of your PWC in the water, not your swim platform.

From the most inexpensive device, approximately $6500 US/ $8300Can., to a hydraulic lift, $25,000US+/$33,750+ Can. they all put weight on the extreme edge of your swim platform. Think about it. Would you put 1000lbs/450Kgms in the trunk of your car?personal watercraft Lift

One of the top manufactures of boats states, "The yachts (staring at 38 feet, 12 meters) have bigger platform's and can hold up to 750 pounds or 341kg. The warranty would be void if there were structural damage due to a PWC." The average dry weight of a jet ski is over 800lbs.or 363 kg.

POWER GUIDE SPORTS   ( From their article)

“Additionally, you can’t forget about the weight of the JetSki/Dinghy swim platform mount. All of this means you can expect a lot of weight sitting on the edge of the boat’s swim platform.

But why is the weight the biggest issue?

This is because swim platforms have a weight capacity, and with good reason.

If you are boating on rough waters with the JetSki/Dinghy on your swim platform, the active forces put a lot of stress on the swim platform. Just think of a hammer; holding it in your hand is different from hitting with it.

So, if you overload your swim platform, it may end in cracks in the hall, or in the worst case, the swim platform could completely break off in a storm.”

A disclaimer from a Tender Roller system "Be advised excessive weight of tenders and motors will affect the performance of your vessel, and can be a matter of safety."

Also, consider the weight of the these devices involved. From 95lbs/43 kgs. up.

And the necessity is to have professional installation and specialized tools such as torque wrenches.

The Magic Marine Tows base plate can be installed in 30-45 minutes; we even supply the Allen key; you only provide the drill.

We answer all your needs.

Towing, Pivot, Turning, Emergency Stop, and when easily disassembled, we offer ease of storage. The longest part is the stabilization pole. 48in/121 cm.

The only part we use on your swim platform, the Base Plate 8X6in/20.3cmX15.2 cm, leaves your swim platform open for your enjoyment.