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Important:  Swim platform height limitation

Check to see that your swim platform is no higher than 21 inches or 54 cm from the surface of the water below your swim platform. If it exceeds this distance, we do not recommend the use of the Magic Marine Tow with your PWC.

Can I tow a Dinghy / Tender?

Yes. You can tow a Dinghy or Tender with the same Magic Marine Tow device (purchased from 2019) as you use for your Sea-Doo, WaveRunner or Jet Ski.

We have tested a Zodiac CRA 360 DL ( 11’11”-3,63m) with a 30 HP outboard and an Avon tender (14’ 4”- 4,28m) with a 50 HP outboard.    

What kind of weight does it add?

Can it withstand saltwater?

How quickly will my order ship?

Anything I should know before towing?

Where do I install the baseplate?