Boats Big & Small

With minimal drag or weight added, install on any boat with a swim platform.


Quick release buttons and a simple connection makes the decision 'to tow or not to tow' a breeze.

Safety First

Tow at full plane, pivot, back up, and even emergency stop.


Light-weight and easy to do yourself.

Baseplate Installation

Watch our step-by-step baseplate installation of the Magic Marine Tow®.

Attaching & Detaching

Watch how easy it is to attach your Sea-Doo, WaveRunner, or Jet Ski to the Magic Marine Tow®.

  • Don't leave your toys at the dock this season.

    Wouldn’t it be great to 'tow and go'?

    There are other towing solutions out there, but they’re costly, cumbersome, and add extra weight to the back of your boat.

  • Magic Marine Tow®

    For the first time, there’s an easy, affordable and self-installed solution that enables the towing of your personal watercraft* by boat.

    It won't take up your whole swim platform and better yet, it's detachable and easy to disassemble and store.

    *Supports most Sea-Doo, WaveRunner, and Jet Ski models.


I have now taken the Magic Marine Tow out on Georgian Bay for some real-world testing. I got into some rough weather and cruised through 3 to 5-foot chop and 10 plus foot rollers through O'Donnell point and had it on plane elsewhere when waters were flat. The Magic Marine Tow worked exactly as planned and kept my Sea-Doo safely behind me. After the initial learning curve, I found it easy to attach and hook up my Sea-Doo.

I purchased the Magic Marine Tow last year and have been beyond pleased with both the service and response from the manufacturer as well as with the device itself. We have been in tight spots and have had to back up and turn around with out any problems towing our wave runner. We have also run our boat at full speed on rough waters and haven’t had any problems. The best part of this is how quickly you can detach your jetski to ride - pull a pin and undo the carabiner and you are ready to go - and it doesn’t take up any room on your swim platform. I would highly recommend this device to anyone who pulls a jetski.